Thursday, February 7, 2008


I am so tickled that my blog has made someones day! The very talented JC has given me this award because she enjoys visiting my blog. I feel honored!

Now I must pass on the award to 5 more people whose blogs make my day. So here they are:

1.) JC: I know you just received this award but you make my day too so one more won't hurt, right?! JC is a great artist and a sweet person who is very talented and creative. Your ATCs are da bomb!!!

2.) Mike R. Baker: I love his style and techniques and his use of goache is phenomenal. Great artist you are!

3.) Jeff Brame: Very talented and inspiring artist not to mention a wonderful person.

4.) Kelly D. Hamel: Wonderful artist! She is working on a portfolio now and I think she would make a fabulous children's book illustrator.

5.) Curly Illustrator: I love visiting her blog because her art is fun and original and always makes me laugh. Great stuff!

All of your blogs make my day and I enjoy visiting them every chance I get!


mike r baker said...

Sweet! Thank you so much, luv. You make my day too! Nice list! :)

JC said...

Thanks so much K! You are an awesome person, and your artsyness is wonderful indeed! =)

kdhamel said...

Thank you Katrice! You are so sweet - I just love visiting your blog, too - you have such creative and fun ideas :)

Jeff Brame said...

Thanks so much for honoring me with the You Make My Day award. Your incredible too and always love to see your work. Thanks so much. I mentioned you on my blog by the way.

curlyillustrator said...

Thank you! Your blog is wonderful, too. I love how colorful your work is. Keep going!!